Where are your apartments?

The proposed lease apartments are located in the historic center of Minsk, in a radius of 0,1 – 1 km away from October Square, GUM department store.

The specified value is taken for rent or a sleeper?

The specified value is taken for rent, but each apartment has a certain amount of beds.

What services are included in the cost of renting an apartment?

The price includes accommodation directly in the apartment, as well as regular cleaning (at least 1-2 times a week at a convenient time for you) and change Linen (1 time per week). In addition, The rent includes all overhead costs: electricity, gas, heating, hot and cold water, using the Internet.

Do you have a checkout time, if so, when?

Single check-out time as such we do not, but there is a separate payment for each hour apartment. So, if you moved into an apartment in 4 hours day and paid the day, then accommodate up to 4 hours of the next day. If you want to dwell in the morning until late 2001 the number of PM 02 numbers, the possible option to pay half of the days, ie You do not pay for 2 days, but for 1.5.
Or in special cases, by agreement, usually in your favor.

Return the money paid by me for accommodation, if I decide to leave earlier?

Yes, of course. Just before that you need to advance, not later than 6 hours before the expected departure inform us of your intention.

Is it safe to live in your apartments?

No more dangerous than conventional apartments in Minsk, if of course, follow the simple everyday rules:

  • close the door when you’re somewhere to go
  • do not leave wide open balcony
  • not to let strangers into the apartment, etc.

As for the apartments, each apartment and the staircase are metal entrance door and all entrances, as generally equipped with an intercom.

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