Terms of Rent

Terms of renting an apartment or warranties

1. Preliminary examination of rented flats

To start, you must select the desired object in the “Flats” of our website and become familiar with the appearance and equipment of the apartments on its description page. Likewise, your representative can personally inspect the apartment at the agreed time with a representative of the company.

2. Booking an apartment

Rented apartment is booked, subject to the amount of collateral in the amount of payment the first day. Paid in the amount of collateral is included in the rent. All reservations can be canceled only by the client at any time before settling into the apartment. Upon cancellation of the booking security deposit is not refundable.

For loyal customers of our company
provides booking an apartment without making
security deposit.

3. Arrival and departure from the apartment

According to the stipulated time, you will meet a company representative MinskRent at the location of the apartment. Once you look around and take an apartment, a contract for the lease (a passport) and you hand the key. Upon check-in you need to make money for the duration of their stay in the apartment and get a check. Arrival / Departure from 00:00 to 7:00 negotiated separately, with the possible meeting and escort to the apartment by car. If you need to drive into the rented apartment the morning of Day 1 and depart in the evening of Day 2, the variant to pay half days, ie You do not pay for 2 days, but for 1.5 or in special cases, by agreement, usually in your favor. When leaving the apartment at the agreed time before you meet with a representative MinskRent straight into the apartment and return him the keys.

If you are renting an apartment through our service for a period of 5
days or more, in this case the shuttle from station
or airport to the apartment will be free!

4. Maintenance and cleaning of the apartment

Cost of rent includes the provision of bed linen and towels, dishes for the reception and cooking as well as the use of electrical appliances and the Internet. The price also includes free apartment cleaning, linen and towels once every 5 days, but only at the request, at a convenient time for you.


Our company guarantees you the following conditions:

1. The possibility of renting apartments on the same day, subject to availability of apartments.
2. Check in and check-out is carried out at any hour of the day, any day of the week regardless of holidays.
3. The cost of rental apartments can not be increased after booking.
4. When reducing the term of employment by the client, the amount paid for the apartment unlived days back.
5. If you can not check into reserve an apartment by circumstances beyond our control, we commit ourselves to get an apartment of the same or higher category at no additional cost. In case of refusal from the customer rent another apartment, we pledge to return the rental price for the period from the date of termination of the contract until the end of the lease or a security deposit, contributed to the booking.


- We offer apartments for accommodation. We are not renting apartments for the holidays (birthdays, weddings, parties, etc.). In the case of fraud by the client, we take appropriate measures up to the eviction from the rented apartment and the termination of the contract without returning the money already made.
- Accommodation in an apartment will be charged.
- We are not responsible for the safety of your valuables.

If you still have questions – call us on
indicated phone or email messages from the site,
we will get back to you!

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